Back in the tail-end of May this year, it was announced that due to “drug promotion and perception of rewards and benefits”, We Happy Few was not to be classified by the Australian Classification Board. The problematic features within the game was not something they could patch as it would destroy the purpose of the game. “Joy” was the main object that led it to its ban. The object that comes in pill form leads the player to be able to walk passed some people without looking suspicious or instigating a fight. This left some fans a bit disappointed, especially those who backed the project when it was only a Kickstarter. The developers made sure people were leaving happy, however, by offering refunds to those who were unhappy by the news. They did, however, request some time to try and get the Australian Classification Board to reconsider their decision. Low-and-behold, we have yet another update and it’s good news! The game will be rated R18+ in Australia, the highest rating the ACB can give without banning the property.